Download HTTP Injector for PC Running Windows and Mac

Android tools and Software are always there to do your workings in a simple and easy way. Today we will talk about a tool which is very helpful and needy. HTTP Injector is an exciting tool which is presented to you by the top developers of the Evozi. It is one of the best application Nowadays. Basically, this application includes a lot of features and functionality like it allows you to access the block sites, battery saving options, Google DNS/Proxy and much more. Applications like these are becoming very popular among the users because it will help you get a variety of functions. After using this application I found it very helpful and guess what it is absolutely free to use. That’s is why it popularly used by the Android users. Now you can also download HTTP Injector for PC but first, let us know about the application before I will tell you how to get it on your PC.

This application is popularly used as a VPN tool. It is used as a custom setup to connect the VPN on your device. By connecting the Proxy you will be able to get the access of blocked websites that are blocked in your region. This application not only ends to the feature of VPN as it also gives you the extra support in the form of SSH tunneling. Not only that you can also access the google DNS/Proxy. This application supports the latest version of Android device. Backdated and past versions don’t run this application. Other injectors are very time consuming but using HTTP Injector saves your time and everyone knows that Time is Money. So all in all this is one of the best application which will help you to connect (SSH/Proxy/VPN) and do its working without any kind of hassles.

HTTP Injector for PC

The application HTTP Injector is officially available for the Android devices. But now it can also be used on your Computer, Desktop, PC running on Operating Systems like Windows and Mac. But the question is how an Android application runs on Windows and Mac? I will give you an answer today, by using the Android Emulators on your PC you can easily enjoy playing Android Apps and Games on your PC. I will tell you a simple and easy guide to download HTTP Injector for PCBefore we move on to the downloading stage of HTTP Injector for PC let us see some official features.

Features of HTTP Injector for PC Windows:

  • Secure your connection using SSH tunnel
  • Modify outgoing requests.
  • No root needed [Choose between VPN mode or iptables (root)]
  • Specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through
  • Provide alternate headers and ability to strip headers from incoming http responses
  • Build in Host Checker and IP Hunter
  • Build in SSH client (Similar to Bitvise)
  • Payload Generator
  • Apps Filter
  • Support Android 4.0 to Android 7.1
  • Google DNS / DNS Proxy
  • Data Compression
  • IP Route
  • Battery saver
  • Ability to change buffer size, etc

Source: HTTP Injector Google Play Store

How to Download HTTP Injector for PC Windows & Mac:

To download and install HTTP Injector for Windows, first, you need to download and install the third party emulators on your PC or Mac. There are many emulators like Andy, Bluestacks, Leaproid, Genymotion, droid4x, MEmu, Nox, iPadian, and KOPlayer etc on your PC but users choice is BlueStacks.

Installation of HTTP Injector for PC (Bluestacks Method):

  • Firstly download and install BlueStacks emulator on your PC with this {Link}.
  • After the completion of BlueStacks App Player, You will see an icon of BlueStacks on your home screen.
  • Double click on the icon to open it.
  • Give your Gmail address in order to set up the Google Play Store.
  • Now use the search tool at the top right corner and enter the word HTTP Injector on it.
  • After finding the application install it.
  • Now go to “My Apps” in BlueStacks, where you can see HTTP Injector in your apps.
  • Click on the application in order to use it on your PC.

That’s it for HTTP Injector for PC. If you are finding an error regarding the downloading and installation of the application feel free to comment and contact us. Thanks!

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